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20 Years Ago, we pioneered Glam Fetish in the United States.
Our store is the lifeblood and hearbeat of this Fetish Giant

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Who We Are

Store. Party. Community.

Fetish Factory opened its doors in 1995, since then it has revolutionized both the South Florida and international Fetish Communities.
What began as a passion of Glenn & Donna's grew into an unstoppable force of freedom, acceptance, and sexual exploriation. Quickly, FF became a beacon in the night, and attracted the curious and adventurous who looked for something more. Giving Birth to a community that caught the worlds attention.

Fetish Parties

Since the beginning, FF Parties have been bold, brash, and massive.
Thousands have came, more have heard, come find out what we're about and Transform Yourself.

Alter Ego Fetish Party

Provocateur Fetish Social
May 10th, 2014
Stache - Ft Lauderdale, FL

With the Anniversary hot on the trails of this party, we've decided to pull back the normal monthly mayhem and offer you a place to hang out, meet up, and actually socialize without the looming boom of the music sound system. (We'll be playing music, just not hard dance.) It is also our fearless leaders (Glenn's) Birthday Party!

Anniversary Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend
May 22nd-25th, 2014
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The largest, most elaborate Fetish Event in North America. 4 Days, 8 Parties, 100% Fetish Hotel Takeover. Thousands of Kinksters descend upon Fort Lauderdale for a 24/7- 4 Day long Fetish Party. Join us this Memorial Day for the hottest Weekend under the Florida Sun featuring the most sintilating performances and playful fun anywhere.

Xtreme Fetish Party

The 2nd XFP of 2014 - Coming soon
Date TBA
Location Unknown

Looking for more? You've found it. Xtreme Fetish Party (referred to as XFP) is our most intense party. Not for the faint of heart. These events are Members only & a secret until you sign up for our XFP Community. Its free to join, all youll need is some kinky pics.

Halloween Fetish ball

Halloween Fetish Ball - 2014
October 25th, 2014
Location TBA

This Halloween Ball is a staple in fetish clubbing featuring a club and crowd from your nightmares (or dreams). In years past, this incredible party has been known to draw 2,000+ fetish-frenzied partiers in a single night. FF spellbinds the crowd with over the top production, skin crawling performances and world class DJs.

Party Schedule 2014

The Second Saturday of Every Month....and then some.
Provocateur Fetish Social Event - 05/10/14 - @ Stache, Ft Lauderdale
Anniversary Fetish Weekend 19 - May 22nd-25th 2014, Ft Lauderdale
June Fetish Party - 06/14/14 - Location TBA
Exotique Fetish Party - 07/12/14 - Location TBA
Back to School Fetish Party - 08/09/14 - Location TBA
Apocalypse Fetish Party - 09/13/14 - Location TBA
Bloodlust Fetish Party - 10/11/14 - Location TBA
Halloween Fetish Ball 2014 - 10/25/14 - Location TBA
Redlight Fetish Party - 11/08/14 - Location TBA
Season's Beatings Fetish Party - 12/13/14 - Location TBA
Xtreme Fetish Party - 12/27/14 - Secret Location - Members Only

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